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Calm Candles London designed with 

'a feeling of calm'.  

Luxurious candles using 100% Natural Soy wax blend, Vegan friendly, Aromatherapy oils and fine fragrance. Cotton wick, @45hr burn time, Meditations.

We would like you to be encouraged to a place of 'calm and relaxation', to help you to create your own mind space and de-stress. Using our mediations along with our candles to fully relax.


Calm candle experience

Be it, feel it, breathe it......

Our team at Calm have thought about lifestyles and our need to slow down and reduce stress.  We are all so busy that finding a little time to stop and 'just be' is regularly out of reach.... 

Our wish would be that it becomes part of your daily life routine.  Purposely taking time to be CALM,  to be quiet, to make that space in your diary for you to sit down, light your candle and relax for a while.  

Being part of the Holistic health industry for many years made us all too aware that stress is literally stripping our souls.....'We need to remove stress, not manage it'. 

Our signature range 'Calm by the' ...focuses on some of the places we may feel CALM, content and happy.  There is a real need for us to reduce our stress levels and introduce quiet time, practice gentle and deep breathing... allowing our mental and physical self to relax.   

Our creative was inspired by this need to have more time out...holidays, time with loved ones, country walks and just being at home. Time where you can allow your mind to drift, and your thoughts to transport you to your own CALM mind space.  

In addition we have written 'guided meditations' to accompany the 'Calm by the' range.

Candles are such a huge part of lives and feature in homes across the world. Once you light your candle,

 they add a sense of calm and will bring a gentle ambience to any space.

We use responsibly sourced and sustainable soy wax in our candles, providing a long and clean burn. We also insist on using pure Aromatherapy oils and high quality perfumes. We do not use paraffin wax.

Each of our candles is hand poured, hand labelled, wrapped, and packaged individually. We try wherever possible to be as environmentally friendly as we can, using recyclable containers and packing materials. We ask that you please support us by recycling our products and packaging at home. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy your Calm Candle!  

Please always follow instructions and use responsibly. Click here for more information.

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