Exhibition Team

When Calm exhibit anywhere expect a fresh open stand, beautiful branding and displays. We have a friendly sales and marketing team, and a super chilled approach. 

We bring the Calm to you, we are not hard and fierce. 

We do not need to be...


Mediation Area

We can provide on the stand a 'Calm area' if space allows.   A Mediation area so you can be involved in the

 'Calm Candle Experience' sitting in a comfy chair with headphones to block out the 'noise and chatter'.


Everyone needs Calm...

We are proud of our candles, handpoured, beautifully scented, Vegan friendly and made using 100% Natural Soy Wax blend. We use minimal packaging, and no plastic wrapping.

 We want the consumer to recycle and reuse.

Soy is also a much nicer wax than other types available. Providing a  longer, cleaner burn. We use sustainable and biodegradable soy wax.