Calm Candle Range

Calm 'By the Ocean'

Sunrise ocean image for ocean candle

A beautifully clean, crisp, fresh and very mildly floral scent.  Light and airy, drifting on gentle waves, sea salt, sand, a cool breeze, and fresh air. Once lit you can imagine you are  'by the Ocean'......

Calm 'By the Meadow'

Sunny meadow image for meadow candle

Imagine a warm, sunny, glorious summers day. Meadow flowers in bloom, and sunshine as far as the eye can see! A gentle floral scent with essential oils of Jasmine,Vanilla and Bergamot. Uplifting, delicate and sweet.

Calm 'By the Lemongrove'


A wonderfully uplifting and positive scent, with Lemongrass and Rosemary essential oils. Rosemary to help clear your mind, and enhance your focus. Lemon,  known for it's uplifting qualities. Inspired by our love of Italy, holidays, relaxing, mind space, time to re-charge.

Calm 'By the Woodland'


This is a firm favourite. Gentle and woody notes of Amber, undertones of vanilla and hint of spice, This is a very sophisticated and distinctive scent. Thinking leaves on a woodland path as a gentle breeze rustles through the trees...Calm 'by the woodland' is a must.

Calm 'By the Fireside'


Relaxing and inviting...Cozy, warm, and snuggled up 'by the Fireside'. Notes of Sandalwood essential oil lift this deep, wonderfully rich scent. Perfect for those chilly days and cold evenings.

Calm Candle Design


Hand poured, hand labelled, and individually packaged. We include a lid with each candle, this can be used to snuff out the flame also. Each candle (boxed) weighs approx 634g. Postage packaging not included. For all postal enquiries outside of UK mainland please contact us directly.

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Calm "Bless your Heart"

Special Limited Edition


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Fragrance: Lavender and Sweet Orange. 

£3.00 from each candle will be donated to Little Hearts Matter Charity.
To find out more about the charity, view their website:

Registered Charity No. 1123290