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About us

Calm Candles London was founded by us.....

A husband and wife team originally from Hertfordshire, with a love of the ocean and the countryside.  We wanted to create a product that would inspire people to take some time for themselves.  Having both worked in different industries, sometimes one or the other in a different country.  We found that juggling five children and our work commitments,  time out was difficult..sometimes very difficult!

However, it was and is something that we ensure takes priority. Making time is crucial to our personal mental and physical wellbeing, and our family life.  

Candles have always been part of our home, however the idea came while managing a beautiful holistic centre over a period of six years where we focused on wellbeing for mind and body.

During that time candles were used to set the scene, to create a feeling of relaxation as soon as you entered each treatment room.  It was clear to see then that the daily 'noise' of life was affecting so many.  We all need more time to be more calm and relax, to take our mental health more seriously. Candles are the perfect way to start a relaxation session,  with the added meditations coming they will make an ideal home purchase or gift for someone who needs to calm....who does not!?

Essential to our everyday, we really need to practice CALM 'mind' time. Allow ourselves to slow down our pace. If we can just give ourselves space to be calmer, we can learn how to prevent stress, alleviate anxiety and work to promote and improve our own health and happiness.

Join with us...

Be part of the experience and find your own inner CALM! 

Our team are incredibly passionate about what we do,  we love that we can help you to start a journey to a calmer mind.


We are happiest designing and sharing our ideas, and we would like to continue to create the best Candle range we can for you to all enjoy!