Our scents have been carefully designed to give a perfect throw, to allow your imagination and memories to carry you to a place of peace and relaxation, providing you with the 'Calm Candle Experience'. 

Working with aromatherapists gave our team a valuable insight into the many benefits available by using various 'scents' to enhance mood. Using Aromatherapy oils and fine perfumes create the individual fragrance.

Our noses are very different.....just as with taste we smell things differently too. 

How we smell comes from the 'olfactory system in the nose, which is basically a layer of specialist sensory cells.  These cells/receptors pick up the smells and then send signals through nerve connection directly to the brain. Part of this process engages the brain area that deals with memories and emotions.

Our candles provide a  lovely gentle throw of scent, so find your perfect candle in

 our range and be part of the 'Calm Candle Experience'.....